Toast mignon

Toast mignon. This can be sped up and simplified by purchasing a tube of garlic paste. Learn how to make Filet mignon with garlic toasts & see the Smartpoints value of this great recipe. These bite-size toasts, topped with beef tenderloin and homemade garlic paste, are a delicious way. It also is one of the … Read more

Apero melon/pasteque/filet mignon

Apero melon/pasteque/filet mignon. Le couper en tronçons de même épaisseur. Dresser les tranches de melon en éventail, puis disposer les tronçons de filet mignon. It'll always be one of our favorite cuts of meat. Filet mignon is the most tender cut of beef you can buy, and doesn't require fancy seasonings – coarse salt and … Read more